Sun Players Solar has solar solutions easy for residential, commercial and industrial audience across Pakistan.

What We Do

Sun players solar would assess a client's site before installing solar panels that met the client's requirements. This would entail taking measurements and making changes to ensure the system fit properly. We can assist businesses in cutting electricity costs, enhancing power reliability, and reducing carbon emissions with a solar power purchase agreement.

Solar Solutions

To create a fully digitalized smart solar PV system, we use a fine blend of new generation string inverters and smart solar management technology.

Net Metering

We aim to enable our clients by providing them with the most up-to-date billing technology, which credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they contribute.

Solar finance

Our goal is to provide reasonable luxury, therefore we've partnered with a number of finance institutions to provide our clients with convenient monthly payments.

Why Us?

It is our business to be environmentally friendly! With our business decisions, we want to create an impact not only financially, but also socially and environmentally. We are joined by a shared vision and enthusiasm for a cleaner world as employees of a renewable energy firm. Our desire to make a positive difference fuels us and gives us a sense of purpose. We have a natural urge to learn, succeed, and deliver. We don't settle for second best. Instead, in all we do, we exude quality, determination, hard work, and perfection. Our connections, whether with colleagues, customers, contractors, shareholders, suppliers, or other stakeholders, are based on trust and reliability.

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I am using a solar power facility installed by SUN PLAYERS as of there equipment is concerned it's really good & then comes the marketing and technical staff really co operative & technical. Facing no problems rather feeling comfortable. There marketing people quite often call and ask if all is going good hope it will remain like this in the longer run.
Sajid Khan
Loyal Client
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We are more than happy to assist you with all your solar needs. Our positive reviews reflect out top-notch services and you can for sure contact us to get started.