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Providing reliable, efficient, and long-term power to growing economies.

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Serve residential, commercial & industrial customers as their sustainable energy partner.

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Our Core Values ; Sustainability, Passion, Integrity , Collaboration , Agility.

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It is our business to be environmentally friendly! With our business decisions, we want to create an impact not only financially, but also socially and environmentally. We are joined by a shared vision and enthusiasm for a cleaner world as employees of a renewable energy firm. Our desire to make a positive difference fuels us and gives us a sense of purpose. We have a natural urge to learn, succeed, and deliver. We don't settle for second best. Instead, in all we do, we exude quality, determination, hard work, and perfection. Our connections, whether with colleagues, customers, contractors, shareholders, suppliers, or other stakeholders, are based on trust and reliability.

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Do you have an electric meter on your property that records how much energy you use on a monthly basis?

Your electric meter will work both ways when you switch to solar energy:

  • When your solar panels are not generating electricity (for instance, at night), it will show how much energy you consume.

  • It will show how much electricity was generated by your solar panels during the day.

  • As the sun is at its brightest during the day, your solar panels will generate a lot of electricity. You're unlikely to use all of the solar-generated energy. Your extra solar energy will be fed back into the grid, assisting the utility provider in supplying power.

  • Your utility company will compensate you for solar-generated electricity by reducing your monthly electricity bill with credits.

  • As a result, you'll only pay for the net quantity of electricity at the end of the month. Assume you have PKR 10,000 in solar credits and have used PKR 15,000 in electricity this month. Instead of paying PKR 15,000 to the utility company, you will just have to pay PKR 5000. If your imports are smaller than your exports, you'll get a zero or negative bill, depending on how much electricity you exported.

A solar array can be a great investment if you happen to have money set aside for home or business improvements. In addition to the lower installation costs, you'll benefit from tax incentives and rebates, and your property value will improve.

Solar homeowners and business owners can certainly pay for their installation up front, but the majority are not willing to pay that much cash just for solar energy.

Making monthly payments on a solar loan will allow you to own your own solar panel system. While paying off your loan, you can take advantage of all the benefits of solar energy.

You can make the switch to solar with no or little money down with a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA).

By partnering with a trusted solar provider, all upfront installation costs will be covered, and your electricity bills will decrease. You'll save money on electricity because the rate is fixed and you won't incur any expenses.

There are now many solar providers offering panels with manufacturer's warranties that last between 20 and 30 years.

Considering solar panels don't have any moving parts and are so simple to maintain, they will continue to provide you with energy long enough for you to see a substantial return on your investment. Newer models are expected to last for more than 50 years.

Solar panels can certainly be installed on your home by yourself, but you'll want the help of an electrician familiar with the process and the insider knowledge of a seasoned PV professional. We'll be able to figure out where to place your solar panels, get you the right permits, and do what we do best so you don't have to.

Even if the cost of solar panels and the cost of installing a solar array has never been lower, you may still be eligible for additional rebates or incentives to keep the total investment for your house or business as low as feasible.

What they've said about us
My experience with SunPlayers was awesome. Very Professional team The installation process was really quick and even after a year I don't have any complain! Highly recommended!
Furqan Shahid
Loyal client
Installation team was very professional and they wired our entire system perfectly. Even they covered the wires on roof with plastic pipes. Overall extremely satisfied and confident in their work.
Muhammad Rahman
Loyal client